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Slides and videos from MWRC2009

The slides and videos of the MountainWest event are now available.

Some very interesting stuff in here.

Even if you don't have any Ruby skill, I'd really suggest you to have a look at these presentations. Some of the technologies described here can be very helpful to build modern applications, regardless of the language they are built in. And these technologies are for sure people with swear by in a few years.

Here are some picks: * Modern SQL-free databases: Redis and its competitor, MongoDB - two excellent presentations. * Vertebra - Practical cloud computing. That presentation really wowed me. Vertebra makes traditional architectures really look like dinosaurs. * Improving the usability, ie. improving the user experience of web sites and applications with intuitive interfaces. * In a World of Middleware, Who Needs Monolithic Applications? - Rack * Machine learning - We can learn from that one, too. * Rhodes - a great framework for building mobile applications on iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian, Android, and Windows Mobile devices * Behavior driven development * Event Machine - some advanced tricks * FFI - libffi is a really cool way of writing extensions.