Frank DENIS random thoughts.

ICANN to open up the TLD namespace

It was just announced that the following TLDs are likely to emerge soon:

  • .RADIO
  • .ECO (Ecological)
  • .GREEN (Ecological)
  • .MOVIE (Movie/Film Industry)
  • .FAM (Family)
  • .MUSIC (Music)
  • .HEALTH (dot health)
  • .SPORT (dot Sport)
  • .INDIGI (for indigenous peoples)
  • .NYC (New York City)
  • .BERLIN (Berlin Germany)
  • .PARIS (Paris France)
  • .BZH (Brittany, a region in France)
  • .ENG (England, a kingdom in the U.K.)
  • .GAL (Galicia, a region in Spain)
  • .MED (Mediterranean)
  • .LLI (Leonese Language and Leonese Culture)
  • .GAY
  • .WEB
  • .POST
  • .MAIL (for emails and to control spam)
  • .GEO (generic geographical locations)
  • .XXX (Adult Entertainment)
  • .BCN (Barcelona)
  • .LAT (Latin America)

Are those really useful or is it just a way for the ICANN to make a quick buck?